Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) Solution


Cyber Channel provides our customers with IVRS solution that can support a wide variety of automatic voice/fax applications ranging from simple voice/fax-on-demand system to online conference system. The solution adopts the state-of-the-art DSP technology from Dialogic to provide sophisticated advanced Computer Telephony Services. Features and the applications are described below.




Typical Applications

1. 24-hr Product/Service Enquiry Hotline OR Customer Hotline

2. Automatic Telephone-based Survey System

3. Audiotex System

4. Voice Mail/Messaging System

5. Multi-purpose Info-Service Bureau Platform

6. Automatic order processing system


System Requirements and Capacity

  Analogue Interface (2/4/8/16 ports) Digital Interface (24/48/72 ports)
Processor Pentium MMX 233 or Higher Pentium II 350 or Higher
Memory 128 MB RAM or Higher 256MB RAM or Higher
Expansion Slot 1 ISA slot for Dialogic Board 1-3 ISA slot for Dialogic Boards
Storage IDE/SCCI 2GB HD or Higher IDE/SCCI 2GB HD or Higher
Telephone Network Boards Dialogic D/21H, D/41H, D/41ESC, D/160SC Dialogic D/240SC-T1
Network Interface Card PCI Based Network Card PCI Based Network Card
Capacity 2-16 channels 24-72 channels
Operating System Main Server System : Unixware 2.x/WinNT
Admin. Console : Win95
Main Server System : Unixware 2.x/WinNT
Admin. Console : Win95

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